Stacy Galavan, Lorain Mom, Feeds Kids Booze Till They’re Sick



Bad, bad mom.
  • Bad, bad mom.

Want to read an honest-to-God gooey-feeling Christmas story, the reformed Grinch, Rudolph steering the herd, Chuck Brown and the runt tree, something along those lines? Don’t read this one. Reader beware.

32-year-old Lorain mother of two Stacy Galavan let her kids get into the liquor cabinet. And she let them keep drinking. Eventually, the youngsters got blotto, started kicking up a racket, and forced concerned neighbors to dial the 5O, according to 19ActionNews.

When the cops popped in at Galavan’s apartment, she was well-catapulted over the legal limit herself. The mom admitted she had let her kids drink, but that “they were out of control and she didn’t want them anymore.”

While this conversation was going on, officers heard a child crying in another room. They looked behind the door and found an additional drunk kid lying in a pile of his own vomit. He was taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Galavan was arrested; she spent Christmas in jail and is up on child endangering charges.

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