Yuengling May Soon Come to Ohio


Affordable, delicious, unavailable in this state.
  • Affordable, delicious, unavailable in this state.

If you count displaced East Coasters as friends, you’ve probably heard all about Yuengling beer, as in, “Wat the hack’s wrong with youse guys, you can’t gat a Yuengling inz this state.”

The Pennsylvania beer — best known for its small town home-base and bragging rights as the country’s oldest brewery — is available all up and down the eastern seaboard. But the lager hasn’t made the inland trek to Ohio. The good news: the blockade might soon be up. The company recently snagged a brewery in Memphis, TN., the potential launch pad for a ground assault on the Midwest. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Southern Ohio beer distributors won’t say whether or not they’ve been chatting with the company about possibly carrying the lager. The company is also playing coy.

“We’ve done our homework, so to speak, about entering Ohio,” Lou Romano, the company’s marketing director, told the Enquirer.

Ohio’s been, so to speak, jonesing for Yuengling for quite some time. There’s currently a web site devoted to a petition to bring the beverage to Buckeye country.

Just a tip, should this import become a reality: Yuengling goes down smooth, but the next morning leaves you with a “wicked” hangover, as they say back East.


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