Kid Dances Home, Scares Neighbor



We admit it, if he looked like this, wed call the cops too.
  • We admit it, if he looked like this, we'd call the cops too.

Yup, we can just about see 2011 peaking up over the horizon. It’s been a good year, Scenesters, but before you unscrew those bottles of Andre and de-lint your sport coat, we invite you to take one more trip with us to that most magical of places: The Suburban Police Blotter.

Today’s item is from Highland Heights, a leafy East Side enclave famed for it’s . . . Okay, well, Highland Heights is somewhere near Richmond Heights and Mayfield Heights. On Sunday night, a concerned citizen on Williamsburg Drive spotted something strange from the window. A man was walking all crazy-legged down the street. A drunkard? Smack addict? Zombie? The police were called.

We’ll let the professionals take it from here:

Police responded and stopped a man on Sturbridge. The man was discovered to be a 16-year-old boy who was listening to music and dancing on his way to his home on Jefferson.

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