Elyria Man Arrested Twice in One Night



There are distinctions and honors among thieves, as faithful Wire watcher knows. One of the best (or worse, depending on where you’re looking in from) is the Two-Arrests-in-One-Night. It’s a rare achievement, one that normally takes years of practice and study to achieve. But we’re happy to announce that a precocious youngster out of Elyria has beaten the odds.

According to the Morning Journal, 19-year-old Christopher Howse was picked up by police in Elyria. The cops spotted him driving a car, which under normal circumstance is no big deal, but it turned out to be a bad move for Howse: His license was suspended. Police waited until the vehicle blew past a stop sign, then pulled Howse over. They found him packing a bag of weed.

But Howse wasn’t about to hang up the proverbial hat for the night. Oh no. Five hours later, police spotted him driving a different car. When they moved in to pull him over, Howse pulled the car over and booked on foot. He eventually turned around and told police he hadn’t been driving.

He was arrested again, thus providing future cellmates and prison guards with endless fodder for jailhouse taunts.