Mentor Schools Rent Out Flag Pole for Cell Tower (Updated)



The Stars  and Stripes, improving cell coverage since 1776.
  • The Stars and Stripes, improving cell coverage since 1776.

After hemming, hawing, complaining, and grand-standing, the American flag atop T-Mobile's tower at a Mentor school will come down permanently. A resident sniped that the flag wasn't lit properly, a slap in the face of flag etiquette, and though T-Mobile remedied the issue, Mentor decided to scrap the hassle and ditch the flag completely. (News-Herald)Grzegorek


Any Fox News-watching, Constitution-clutching, Red, White and Blue-blooded Tea Partier will tell you nothing goes together like flag waving and unfettered capitalism. ‘Merican as Apple Pie, it is.

Mentor Schools is well acquainted with this fact. In order to squeeze a little more cash into the books, the district has leased out a small patch of school real estate to a tech conglomerate, according to the News-Herald.

Cell peddler T-Mobile has gobbled up a chunk of the lawn outside Ridge Middle School for a signal tower. The spike will be camouflaged as a flag pole.

The company signed a five-year lease with the district for the space, dropping $115,000 into Mentor’s coffers. That equates to about $1,916 a month, or about what it would take to rent out all the units in a Lakewood apartment complex.

The 130-foot exclamation point in still under construction but will go live by the end of the month. School officials say the money will help pay for a new gym at the high school.

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