Drunk Mom With Kids in Car Tells Cop She Needs Gas for Her Tire



She also needs windshield wiper fluid for her brakes.
  • She also needs windshield wiper fluid for her brakes.

The trend of drunk Cleveland moms driving around with their kids in the car continues into 2011. It seemed a week didn't go by back in 2010 without some mother hopped up on booze being pulled over for driving all inebriated and like with tots in the car. We hoped that the new year would bring an end to the craze, but that apparently was wishful thinking.

Cops pulled over Erika Madachick after someone called the police to report an SUV that was swerving all over the road. When they finally cornered her Ford Expedition, the cops noticed Madachick was driving on a flat tire.

She was aware of that fact, and informed cops that, yes, she desperately needed to put some gas in her tire.

Exactly. If you guessed that Madachick was over the legal limit, then you would be correct.

According to 19 Action News:

Cops say the tire looked damaged beyond repair and that she may have hit something.

Madachik, who was slurring her words, told cops she had been drinking a little bit before she picked up her three children, ages 14, 12 and 10, who were also in the car.

After failing field sobriety tests Madachik was arrested and charged with OVI, having an unsafe vehicle and endangering children.

The kids were released into the care of the babysitter.

No word on if she called someone from the police station and desperately informed them she needed oranges for bail.

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