Pic of the Day: TCU Fans Taunt OSU President Gordon Gee


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It wasn't that long ago that Ohio State president Gordon Gee and his bow tie opined that TCU, the small non-BCS football powerhouse, was like the "Little Sisters of the Poor" compared to the big-boy football programs of Ohio State. His point being that TCU's schedule, and for that matter, Boise State's, paled in comparison to the rough and tumble line-up that the Buckeyes face in the Big Ten every year with perennial powerhouses like Indiana and Northwestern. This rankled some feathers, both because Gee sounded like a know-nothing blowhard, and because it's hard to take anyone seriously when they're wearing a bow tie and looking like Orville Redenbacher.

Well, TCU went to the Rose Bowl and topped Wisconsin, the only team to beat Ohio State this year.

Fast forward to this week, when TCU supporters placed billboards near Ohio State's campus with a nice little message for Gee.

"Congratulations TCU for their BCS Rose Bowl victory. Signed, the Little Sisters of the Poor."


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