Terry Sense, Norton Teacher, Allegedly Gives Kids Weed



Terry Sense, doesnt have any. And were not talking about pot.
  • Terry Sense, doesn't have any. And we're not talking about pot.

The Gods of Appellation could not have bestowed a more fitting name to one Medina teacher, fitting at least for those of us in the peanut gallery. Sometimes the stars just align. The cosmic joke here is that the teach in question allegedly lacked the very quality plainly spelled out in his driver's license: Sense.

Terry Sense, a 37-year-old math teacher and basketball coach at Norton High School, has been charged with 28 counts of “corrupting another with drugs”, according to 19ActionNews (kind of an awkward mouthful of a charge, no?). The court documents say his victims were all minors.

Police say (No-Common) Sense held parties at his home for underagers, where he’d ply the youngin’ with weed. He’s been suspended with pay since his arrest in October.

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