The Med Mart and LeBron



Can I get a heart at the Med Mart?
  • "Can I get a heart at the Med Mart?"

Cleveland is totally getting over Lebron. We've let up on making snide comments. We've been unpinning our hopes from flailing sports teams and attaching them instead to iffy exciting economic development projects like the Med Mart. So naturally the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has managed a snide Med Mart/Lebron remark.

Staff writer Bill Toland had this to say:

Cleveland rocks?
This month, construction begins on a $465 million Medical Mart & Convention Center in Cleveland, part of the city's effort to re-brand itself as a hub for life sciences research, manufacturers of health-care equipment and supplies, and old-fashioned medical research at places like the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve.

That's better than the city's current brand, The Place That LeBron Left.

The three-rivers paper has been a bit preoccupied with our city's business environment lately. Last week it published a call to consider "Cleveburgh," as a way to share our economic resources.

Maybe the 'burgh is jealous. We don't know exactly why but we are fairly confident it's not because we are getting a Med Mart and they aren't.

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