Carjacker Tosses Baby Into Snow




You would think even the most hardened car thief would take pause if, in the process of a carjacking, he finds a unattended toddler in the car.

Not Jose Quiros Collazo, an Ashtabula man who not only didn't let the child quell his desire for the vehicle, but decided to dispose of a 1-year-old kid by dumping him in the snow.

The Star Beacon reports
that a woman driving a Chevy HHR Crossover left her two children, the 1-year-old and a 5-year-old, in the car while she brought lunch to her husband, a U.S. Marines Corp recruiter. Not a good call on her part, for sure. But she probably didn't envision that some thug would target her car and her kids.

The wife left the keys in the vehicle and the vehicle running. Collazo walked into the center while the recruiter was speaking to his wife. The recruiter greeted Collazo, who said he didn’t want anything and then left. As the recruiter was walking his wife out to their vehicle, they witnessed Collazo open the back door of the car, remove their 1-year-old and toss her several feet away, where she landed face down into a snow pile, the report shows.

Collazo then jumped into the vehicle on the driver’s side and attempted to put the car into gear. The couple’s 5-year-old child had exited the vehicle the moment Collazo entered and was not injured. The recruiter told the deputies he then jumped into the front passenger door and turned the car off to prevent Collazo from fleeing. He then attempted to pull Collazo out of the vehicle by his hair, and a fight ensued, the report showed.

Bystanders approached the scene, helping the recruiter to subdue Collazo.

Collazo faces charges of attempted carjacking, though that pales into comparison to the wrath he will likely face from St. Peter for throwing a todder face-down into the snow.


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