Carnegie Kitchen and Dining Opening in Old Juniper Grille Spot



Despite the fact that Verve lasted just one year at the former Juniper Grille spot on Carnegie, there was no shortage of interest in the available restaurant.

Well, consider the space officially "off the market."

As soon as January 24, Carnegie Kitchen and Dining (1332 Carnegie Ave.) will be open for business. Operated by chef-owner Jeff Uniatowski, former executive chef for the House of Blues, the restaurant will focus primarily on breakfast and lunch, a departure from the opening tactic of Verve owner Brian Okin.

I think the location is good," says executive sous chef Shawn Gregg. "It comes down to putting out the right food at the right prices." Formerly of Strip Steakhouse in Avon, Gregg says that the restaurant will be a "scratch kitchen," where breads, pastries, stocks and pretty much everything else will be made in house.

Diners can expect breakfast fare like pancakes, tarts, omelets and sausage gravy to have modern twists. At lunch, upscale soups, salads and sandwiches will be on the menu. No dinner service is planned for the restaurant, though special events are likely.

As for work needed to be done before opening, Gregg says there is very little as it's as close to "turn-key" as one could hope for.