Morning Brew: Historic Cavs Loss, Mayor Gets Water Shut Off, Couple Caught With Pot, and More Golden Voice Guy



  • Sexy.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you whip out a stack of dollar bills and pose like a badass.

— Police found a half pound of pot in the car of a Norton couple after they were pulled over for weaving. They also found this picture showing Lonnie Morris posing with Benjamins stuck in his pants. No word on if cops also found a roll of quarters stuffed in his pants as well. (

— The Cavs lost to the Lakers last night 112-57. Yes, you read that right. 57 points. That would be the lowest the Cavs have ever scored in a game. (

— Lorain Mayor Tony Krasienko briefly had his water shut of this week for delinquent payments. He admits he probably should pay more attention to his bills, a sentiment that should make Lorain residents very confident in his abilities to pay attention to the bills of the city. (Lorain Morning Journal)

— Ted Williams got in an argument with his daughter and was briefly held by L.A. cops this week. Even Lindsay Lohan is impressed with how fast this story is going downhill. (AP)

Now go dream a bit about spring. We'll be back momentarily.

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