Rebecca and Steve Warden, No Criminal Masterminds, Run Long Scam on Bank



Had the Wardens rolled like this, they would at least gotten a book deal out of it.
  • Had the Wardens' rolled like this, they would at least gotten a book deal out of it.

Sometimes a scheme can be so incredibly simpleminded — so blatantly obvious it could have been cooked-up over rounds of juice boxes on a chalkboard by a gang of precocious third graders — that it works beautifully. For four years. To the tune of almost $1 million.

Meet Brunswick husband and wife Rebecca and Steve Warden, a Bonnie and Clyde for the timid suburban set. No criminal masterminds here. No dramatic getaways. No future film adaptations.

Mrs. Warden was a bank teller at the Strongsville National City branch. Between 2006 and spring of 2010, husband Steve would mosey on into the bank, ostensibly to conduct run-of-the-mill transactions. In actuality, Rebecca was dishing hubs cash from the drawer on the sly, according to Channel 5.

She also signed money orders and official bank checks to businesses her husband owned money to.

Eventually — again, after four years, a stretch that boggles the brain, considering how closely banks must keep tabs on their cash drawers, one would hope — the couple got pinched by the FBI. Rebecca was sentenced to 16 months in prison and now has to pay back $88,471 in restitution. Her husband is up for sentencing in April.


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