OU Greenlights Coed Housing



Coed roomies, school sanctioned at last.
  • Coed roomies, school sanctioned at last.

Well, it’s happened. Way back in October, we told you about Ohio University’s tentative plans to let guys and gals share the same dorm room, a social experiment dubbed (cue the drum roll) “gender-neutral housing.”

At the time, critics were worried such a set up would be a one-way trapdoor into unmitigated sexy time, or as the anxious few would wheeze it, a “morality issue.” Certain signs, they claimed, did not bode well for such a progressive change in the social order. Skies would darken, locust rain.

According to the Associated Press, the university has gone ahead and greenlit the measure, critics be damned. Starting in the fall, the school will let the opposite sexes share a room, a one-year trial run to see if the kids can behave themselves.

The report quotes a prude student senator who “says students in dating relationships who try to live together under the new housing option will be ‘frowned upon.’”

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