Ohio Guns Sales Spike After Tucson Tragedy




Nothing quite like a senseless tragedy to send Americans sprinting toward the gun stores. In the wake of the shootings in Arizona, gun sales have surged across the country. Arizona saw a 60% increase, which makes sense both because Arizona is a veritable Wild West of gun enthusiasts and because citizens there witnessed the carnage in their own state.

The only state to see a larger spike than Arizona? Ohio.

Politico reports:

In Ohio, sales spiked 65 percent on Monday, the FBI said. They rose 38 percent in Illinois, 33 percent in New York and 16 percent in Florida.

Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, cautioned that one day’s worth of data might not mean there will be a sustained spike in gun sales.

But he said it might indicate that some Americans fear tougher gun control laws in the aftermath of Saturday’s attack so they want to stock up now.

“What it shows is maybe gun owners in Arizona and these other states feel that there’s going to be some change in the law, which is what I hope our elected officials” are working toward, Helmke said.

We'd hazard a guess that the soaring sales in Ohio could probably be attributed solely to Ashtabula, where we assume every man, woman, and child went out and secured themselves ten new automatic rifles, but data isn't available to back up that claim yet. We'd also guess a disproportionate number of guns were bought by people living below Ohio's Mason Dixon line — that would be anything south of Columbus.

So, to summarize: gun deaths mean we should all own more guns. Got it? Good.


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