Morning Brew: 'Take Shelter' at Sundance, Frozen Pier, Stolen Puppies, and a Bartender Gets Punched




Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you give the bartender the evil eye after she tells you to stop eating the free popcorn.

— Two men stole a puppy from a pet store. While we don't condone stealing, there's a solid chance the puppy will have a better life with the criminals than he did at the pet store. (WOIO)

— The bartender asks you to stop eating the free food set out for paying customers. Do you: C) Punch her in the face. (Chronicle Telegram)

— Recipe for cool pictures: Mix cold, wind, and water. (NewsNet5)

— "Take Shelter," a Jeff Nichols movie filmed in Cleveland, is getting nice buzz at Sundance. No snark here. (

We'll be back momentarily.

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