Naked Parma Police Golf Outing Earns No Punishment




Last year the Parma police department came under fire for a golf outing at Ridgewood where male attendees had plenty of attention paid to their shafts, and we're not just talking about the ones on their golf clubs. WKYC reported that on the 6th hole men buried their heads in the bare chests of strippers, received lapdances, and engaged in other untoward behavior.

The outing was organized by Parma Police Sgt. Tom Siedlecki benefited a state patrolmen softball association, and, presumably, the egos of men who paid good money to have beautiful women pay attention to them.

A review of the incident has resulted in strict punishment for all involved. Just kidding. No one's getting punished.

According to WKYC, a civilian review board, hearing its first case incidentally, found that there was no wrongdoing by the officer. The review board consists of two cops, a lawyer, and two civilians. It's not clear if any of them are women.

When asked why police investigators or the civiilian review board never interviewed the undercover Channel 3 News videographers who taped the event, Hoffman said "that may have been an oversight."

Parma Safety Director Greg Baeppler said the organizer of the event, Parma police Sgt. Tom Siedlicki, was not even given a slap on the wrist.

"He was counseled," Baeppler said.

Sidelicki was told of new and stricter guidelines he must follow if the event is held again at the Ridgewood Golf Course, which is a city-owned course down the street from Parma City Hall.

We assume the no-nonsense review board's new strict guidelines include recommendations that the men and strippers proceed to the woods before engaging in sexually explicit behavior.

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