Cleveland Boasts Three of the Top 100 Beer Bars in America



Cleveland is the land of all that's well and good and inebriated. We like our beer, whether it's cheap domestic swill or a fancy $12 brew made by monks in some isolated monastery in the mountains of Europe. And we like our bars, be it the corner joint up the street filled with nothing but old men and stale popcorn or the chic joints with hundreds of exotic libation offerings.

No surprise then that when Draft Magazine unfurled the 2011 version of their "America's Best Beer Bars" list, three Cleveland haunts took home some boozy recognition.

Fresh Water Cleveland breaks down the honorees:

Lakewood's Buckeye Beer Engine gets billing as "The casual drinker's answer to Ohio's beer-snob bars." Who knew we had beer-snob bars? This west-side gem gets credit for its Buckeye Brewing house brews, lesser-known options from well-known breweries, and two beer engines that dispense real-ale specialties

Cleveland Heights landmark La Cave du Vin also makes the list, with the list-makers urging folks to "Ignore the vinous name: This basement wine spot's beer paradise." While The Cave gets approval for its large bottle and draft selection, it receives special attention for its frequent seasonal tappings and brewery nights. Tip: "The owner's rare beer collection on the shelves will leave you jaw-droppingly awestruck."

Ohio City's Bier Markt naturally earned inclusion, with the mag calling the joint nothing less than a "Cleveland institution.

Now let's all go get a beer and celebrate.


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