Drunk Driver Goes Wrong Way on I-90 For 25 Miles



He believes hes at Applebees in this picture.
  • He believes he's at Applebee's in this picture.

Brennan Cooper got drunk on January 15 in Cleveland. He hopped in his car, like an idiot, and headed home to Mentor on I-90. One small problem, besides that he was driving drunk: he went the wrong way on the highway, driving east in the westbound lane.

Shockingly, he made it all 25 miles going against traffic before being caught. Double shockingly, no one was hurt.

19 Action News
reports that once pulled over, Cooper told police "he thought he was in Brecksville," a fact he should have known to be false because if he was in Brecksville, he wouldn't have made it ten feet before being pulled over by a SWAT team.

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