Ohio Produce Being Used at White House State Dinner Tonight



This tastes good. Must be from Ohio.
  • "This tastes good. Must be from Ohio."

President Obama's fancy state dinner tonight with Chinese President Hu Jintao will draw partly on the bounty of Ohio's renowned and delicious agriculture. As well it should: local produce and sustainability are hallmarks of the Buckeye State, probably because we are smart and resourceful, probably also because we are poor and can't afford to go to the grocery store.

As part of the all-American spread, some of the world's most important people will be treated to "accent" vegetables from Huron's The Chef's Garden. We're not entirely sure what accent vegetables are, but we're guessing they are the little carrots cut to look like flowers that no one actually eats. We could be wrong though.

Via CNN's Eatocracy blog:

Tonight’s menu, at the request of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s delegation, will be an all-American feast featuring last summer’s harvest of honey and produce from the White House’s kitchen garden.


Thyme, rosemary and sage (shielded from the elements by hoop houses in the White House garden) accent vegetables from Huron, Ohio-based The Chef’s Garden. The purveyor, per a White House press release, "reflects the best of the country’s agriculture: sustainability, affordability, and healthy, delicious foods," mirroring the agenda set by First Lady Michelle Obama. Fresh fish canapes, not listed on the menu, highlight Northern shrimp from Ipswich Bay, Massachusetts and smoked fillets from rainbow trout raised in Idaho.

No word if the booze for the fancy affair will come from Paramount Distillers.

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