Thief Caught Because of Bicycle Tracks in the Snow




We've been chronicling criminals who have been nabbed because they left tell-tale footprints in the snow this winter. But what about thieves that attempt escape on wheels? Two wheels, specifically? It would be easy enough to track those as well, a fact evidenced by the tale of a young man who tried to steal a chain saw and flee the scene on a bicycle.

The man who owned the chain saw took it upon himself to chase down the would-be criminal and enjoyed merry success for a couple of reasons: he was in a car, the thief's bicycle left tracks to follow, and, not surprisingly, a bicycle is not the optimal get-away vehicle in the snow.

The Star Beacon reports:

At 11:08 p.m. Monday, a woman called officers to report her boyfriend was holding a man who moments earlier took a chain saw from their Harbor Street home. Police arrived at Harbor and River streets and found one man pinning another on the sidewalk.

The owner said his girlfriend noticed someone carrying an item from their front porch. The thief then fled aboard a bicycle. The outraged owner gave pursuit in his vehicle and, following bicycle tracks in the snow, quickly caught up with the perpetrator.

The owner yelled: “Hey! That’s my chain saw,” prompting the suspect to drop the saw and pedal harder on his bike. The owner exited his vehicle and tackled the suspect off the bicycle, police said.

Lessons for any bad guys out there: wait until the snow melts before engaging in nefarious behavior, or invest in a jet pack.


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