High-Tech Bank Robbers Caught Because of Footprints in the Snow




The mastermind criminal duo of Richard Persa and Matthew Holland had their bank robbery system down: they would listen to the police scanner via apps downloaded to their cell phone, target areas where police were busy, focus on banks with only women working, and then do their dastardly deeds.

Pretty bright, if you ask us, which is probably why they had rousing success with numerous banks.

Unfortunately, all their high-tech gadgetry and foresight in executing their heists couldn't help them abscond cleanly when the ground was covered with snow.

19 Action News explains:

According to Cleveland Police, the men admitted to five bank robberies, targeting only banks with woman working.

Instead of using guns during the robberies, the suspects downloaded police scanner apps to their cell phones to track police whereabouts.

Richard Persa and Matthew Holland were arrested earlier this week after police followed their footprints in the snow.

The suspected serial bank robbers are now facing a laundry list of charges.

And they now join our ever-growing cavalcade of criminals caught because of footprints in the snow.

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