Carrie Schilling Leads Elyria Police on Thrilling 25 mph Chase



Strike that. Low speed chase.
  • Strike that. Low speed chase.

Meet Carrie Schilling, a low-speed demon who led Elyria Police on a cross-town creep until she was finally taken into custody.

The 36-year-old woman’s Saturday night must have been a chug fest, because by the time she squatted behind the wheel of her silver Jeep at 3 a.m., Schilling was so drunk she didn’t apparently notice (or care about) the police cruiser behind her. The cops had seen her run a red, according to the Chronicle-Telegram, and were aiming to pull the Jeep over.

But Schilling would not be dissuaded from her quest, despite the flashing red and blue at her back. The woman kept puttering along at 25 mph, trailing police in low-key pursuit. The Jeep swerved all over the road and busted through red lights and stop signs throughout the chase.

Her destination? A local watering hole called The Pub, which just again proves how blotto this woman was — every sharp drunk knows the bars are closed by 2:30. When Schilling pulled into the establishment’s parking lot, police surrounded her vehicle, guns drawn. Orders to turn off the car and exit the vehicle, hands up, nice and easy like, were issued. Schilling didn’t budge, just looked back at police with the google eyes.

Finally, the cops yanked the door open and pulled her out. Schilling was taken into custody and faces a whole grab bag of charges.

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