Dennis Kucinich Suing Cafeteria Over Olive Pit




Just when we begin to think that Dennis Kucinich couldn't possibly bring more joy to our lives, he does.

Gawker reports that Kucinich has taken a break from seeking UFOs and begging for a new congressional district long enough to file a lawsuit over a rogue olive pit. Kucinich is suing the company that runs the congressional cafeteria because in April 2008 he purchased a sandwich wrap that contained an olive pit, which upon biting, apparently caused some pain and dental damage. He is seeking $150,000 in damages. A portion of the lawsuit is below.


Lost enjoyment? We're assuming that means he couldn't kiss his beautiful wife for a day or two, but we're not sure. As Gawker notes, with video evidence, Kucinich seemed fine and dandy speaking on the floor of the House just five days after the alleged incident. We're not judging, of course. Just merely happy that Dennis is a never-ending spout of merriment and that whatever dental damage occurred, it could not stifle his spout.

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