Mom Charged With Providing Pills, Pot at Underage Party




Celine Nesselrode, the fine lady pictured to the right in what has to be our favorite mugshot of the week, is in a spot of trouble. It seems she wanted to be the cool mom. You know the one — the parent that lets her teenage daughter brings some friends over for a night of recreational drug and alcohol use.

But she didn't just let her daughter's crew endeavor into illicit consumption, she provided the goods herself. And not just your run-of-the-mill wine coolers or vodka. We're talking controlled narcotics like Xanax and Neurontin, the latter of which is a seizure drug we've never heard of kids abusing, but we were never invited to pill parties at our friend's mom's house, so what do we know.

Nesselrode also plied the party-goers, all 13-17 in age, with pot, which probably seemed cool at the time and less so when she was posing for this tremendous mug shot.

Fox 8 reports:

Sgt. J.J. Dilorento with the Massillon Police Department says Celine Nesselrode, 38, of Oak Manor Avenue, turned herself into police on Monday after a warrant was issued for her arrest. A police investigation concluded that she allegedly provide marijuana and prescription drugs at an underage party at her home.

Sgt. Dilorento says the party was thrown the night of January 16, 2011. According to Dilorento, Nesselrode was intoxicated at the party and gave Xanax and Neuroton to six teens, ages 13-17. Police found evidence that the teens also smoked marijuana and drank alcohol at the party.

Nesselrode was arraigned on Tuesday on felony charges of corrupting with drugs and allowing drug use, along with a misdemeanor count of child endangering.

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