The Most Elaborate Plan to Steal a Pizza You'll Read All Day




If you're jonesin' for a pizza but your current hard-luck status leaves you cash-poor, you might just find something else to eat besides a pizza. Ramen, perhaps? Maybe some buttered noodles? Not for one Brunswick mastermind. He really, really wanted pizza and really, really didn't want to pay for it.

His solution was brilliant and illegal. Via the Brunswick Sun News police blotter:

According to the Papa John’s Pizza delivery driver, while making a delivery to a Cross Creek Drive apartment at 9:44 p.m., he saw a man in a red hoodie looking out a hallway window of the apartment building.

When the driver made his delivery, the residents told him they had not ordered a pizza. The driver then saw the suspect running across the parking lot with his next delivery — a large pizza and 12 barbecue wings.

Is it a slow news day? Why yes, it is.


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