Video: Cleveland Public Library Security Guard Punches Homeless Man In the Head




In a bit of pretty disturbing video, a security guard at the Cleveland Public Library's Carnegie West Branch was captured punching a homeless man in the head. The guard in question, employed by Tenable Protective Services, has been removed from the job.

The problem began inside the Fulton Rd. branch when the guard alleges the homeless man "punched him in the face" after the guard talked to him about "causing problems." It continued outside, where, for reasons unknown, the security guard chased the homeless man down the street, tackled him, and delivered a series of stern blows to his head while the homeless man was on the ground.

Here's the video and Fox 8 report:


WJW also reports:

CPL spokesperson Tena Wilson issued a statement that reads: "At the request of the library, the contracted security officers involved in the incident have been removed and will not be working at any library location. The incident remains under investigation by the library and the police."

"I don't think it was necessary to take this outside, run down the street," said Brian Davis, with the Coalition for the Homeless. "And then, clearly he was over the top with repeated punches of the guy when he was on the ground."

The security guard eventually allowed the man to leave before police arrived and later filed a report alleging that he had been assaulted.


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