Cleveland Ranked 7th Best Job Market




Cleveland may still be in the throes of a deep economic collapse, and jobs may still be hard to come by, but according to, Cleveland sports the 7th best job market in the country right now.

Really. That's what they say. Cleveland's a hot destination. Really. There are, hypothetically, jobs out there, and presumably not just at Wendy's.

City Pages reports:

Monster said it based the rankings on the relative abundance of job openings in each city for local residents seeking work. Senior vice president Jesse Harriott said the recovery has especially helped free up money for investment in IT. He also expects continued growth in the health care sector as long-in-the-tooth boomers require more and more services.

What other mightily resilient cities are full of job opportunities this year? The top ten from Monster:

1. Washington
2. San Francisco
3. Boston
4. Baltimore
5. Seattle
6. Minneapolis
7. Cleveland
8. Tampa
9. Dallas
10. Kansas City


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