Morning Brew: Traffic Tickets Up, Drugmaker Upset With Ohio, Another Huge Storm, and an Algae Attack




Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you wait for the cop to finish writing the ticket.

— Traffic citations are way up this month compared to January 2010. We'd make a snarky comment, but then the chances of us getting pulled over on the way home would be 50% higher. (

— The company that manufactures a drug that Ohio will now use in executions adamantly opposes the state's decision to use its drug, meant for saving lives, to end them instead. (Columbus Dispatch)

— Looks like Groundhog Day will involve a massive snowstorm. Quick, someone find an annoying small rodent to sacrifice to the snow gods to avoid this. (NewsNet5)

— John Kasich has an aggressive plan to combat algae. That plan likely involves only white people. (AP)

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