These Fellas Tossed a Molotov Cocktail at a House




If you've ever wondered what people who throw Molotov cocktails in suburban neighborhoods look like, now you know the answer.

The trio of Nicholas Dahms, 18, Alexander Alcala, 18 and Mitchell Leibold, 21, were arrested and are now charged with aggravated arson after allegedly sending the homemade explosive into a house. Police say that the Oddo family were peacefully resting in their home around 11:40 p.m. Tuesday when they heard something explode outside of their abode and their night turned into a toned-down episode of Burn Notice.

According to the Sandusky Register:

"If they were not awake it could have been a lot worse," Fremont police Detective Jason Kiddey said. "The fire would have cut off a safe exit from the house."

The family ran out of the home in their bare feet. Jerry and his oldest son used a blanket to smother the flames.

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