John Kasich Regime Brings Fox News to State TVs



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New Ohio Governor John Kasich and his team are bound to make many changes as he takes over the reins of the Buckeye State. Taxes, transportation, budgets — all will be reassessed and perhaps altered.

But no edict will be as entertaining or minute as one dictating, allegedly, that TVs in the cafeteria at ODOT headquarters show Fox News and not CNN.

The PD's Michael McIntyre reports that the call to switch from the home of Anderson Cooper to Bill O'Reilly came from ODOT honcho Jerry Wray, but you can connect the dots like jumbled nonsensical points on a Glenn Beck blackboard:

ODOT spokeswoman Melissa Ayers confirmed that the channel change edict was ordered up by ODOT Chief Jerry Wray. "The director said we should switch it up a little bit," she said.

Asked why it was Fox News, Ayers said, "No particular reason."

So it doesn't have to do with the fact that Kasich had a weekend show on Fox News until 2007, and had more recently filled in for popular host Bill O'Reilly.

And it's not related to Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch making a $1 million contribution to the Republican Governor's Association last year and telling Politico that it was solely because of his friendship with Kasich.

No confirmation that anyone mentioning John Stewart will receive two weeks' suspension and that anyone uttering Keith Olbermann's name will be fired.

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