Governor Kasich Weighs In On Kelley Williams-Bolar Case


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The tale of Kelley Williams-Bolar, the Akron mom who lied to get her kids into Copley district schools instead of Akron city schools, has become a national topic of conversation. Who doesn't want to weigh in on a mom convicted of a felony just for doing whatever she could to send her children to a better school?

Today, Governor Kasich addressed the topic, sympathizing with Williams-Bolar and doing everything but calling out the laws as patently stupid.

Via the AP:

''My legal team has been reviewing it in detail and is in the process of talking to her lawyer, the prosecutor and the school district, in order to provide me a complete briefing,'' Kasich said.

''Our laws exist for a reason and they must be enforced, but the idea that a woman would become a convicted felon for wanting a better future for her children is something that has rightly raised a lot of concern with people, including me.''


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