Teen Crossdresser Admits to Bank Robbery




A 17-year-old boy admitted to assisting in a November bank robbery yesterday, but this was no simple heist.

Just a few of the bizarre details: The teen felt forced to rob the bank with his friend, 28-year-old Dezmon Lawrence. How so? Lawrence suggested boosting cash from a bank and the teen flatly turned him down, allegedly. The 28-year-old role-model-of-the-year then assaulted the teen until he gave in and agreed to participate in the criminal endeavor.

Also, the duo dressed up as girls to hide their identities, borrowing clothes from Lawrence's girlfriend.

Also also, the teen turned himself in a few days after the robbery.

The Lorain Morning Journal reports:

A 17-year-old Lorain boy admitted to helping rob the Chase bank in South Lorain last November. The boy made the admission yesterday in Lorain County Juvenile Court, according to defense attorney Michael Stepanik.

The boy admitted to two counts each of juvenile delinquency by reason of aggravated robbery and theft, according to Stepanik. Lorain police said the boy dressed as a woman to rob the bank at 2232 Fairless Drive on Nov. 13 and to an unrelated theft the night before.

“He took immediate responsibility for this,” Stepanik said. “He recognized what he did was wrong.”

Peer pressure: not just for drugs, cigs, and alcohol anymore. Now with a few punches to the face, it can get you to put on a wig and demand cash from a bank teller. Kids these days...


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