John Kasich Hired a Black Person




John Kasich has faced a media and popular backlash early in his administration because he had filled his cabinet looked like a meeting of the Massachusetts Young Republicans club. It wasn't just white, it was lily snow white.

With the director of minority affairs position, however, Kasich finally tabbed ... you guessed it... a minority, naming Lynn Stevens, an African-American, to the post.

The AP reports:

Lynn Stevens has served in the role for about three weeks, though the new Republican governor's office made the announcement Tuesday. It comes as Kasich has taken heat from minority state lawmakers who say he has not done enough to diversify his top staff.

Kasich's cabinet appointees so far are all white, a first for the state since 1962.

The governor's office says Stevens — who is African American — will act as a liaison to Ohio's minority communities. Her position is not cabinet-level.

And with Kasich's propensity to hire whites, minority communities will surely have plenty to say to Stevens.

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