Morning Brew: Ricin Indictment, RTA Evacuation, Suing the Amish, and Ice Causes Problems



Making ricin just to see if hed die like everyone else.
  • Making ricin just to see if he'd die like everyone else.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you praise that little bastard groundhog today.

— RTA commuters say they smelled something burning just before a Green Line train filled with smoke, forcing them to evacuate and trek it a couple hundred yards in the snow. Just another reason to buy an SUV and never take public transit. (

— That guy who was caught making ricin in his basement? Yeah, he had a really good reason for doing it. "The 54-year-old Tallmadge man accused last week of making ricin said one of the reasons he made the potentially deadly toxin was to see if he could — given that 90 percent of those who try die in the process — according to an FBI affidavit." If found not guilty, he plans on seeing if he can skydive without a parachute. (

— Five Ohioans are suing the Amish, not for leaving steaming piles of horse poop on the road, but because of allegedly false claims that their fireplaces save heating costs. If the suit is successful, damages could include one hat, two hammers, and a buggy. (AP)

— 200,000 Ohioans are without power after ice from the Groundhog Day storm ravaged power lines. Eff this weather. (Morning Journal)

We'll be back momentarily.

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