Snowplow Chases Purse Snatcher, Purse Snatcher Calls 911 (Updated)




Cody Bragg, a purse snatcher who called 911 on himself, was sentenced to nine years in prison for one count of felonious assault and three counts of robbery. (Fox 8)


Vigilante justice, a dumb criminal, a snow plow, a bizarre 911 call — this story has it all.

Here's how it went down in Alliance: John Shuman was at Wal-Mart minding his own business when he saw 18-year-old Cody Bragg allegedly grab a woman's purse and take off. Shuman, not willing to stand idle while the thief got away, hopped in his snowplow, called 911, and chased the suspect. For 30 minutes.

NewsNet5 reports that Bragg eventually noticed that the snowplow was following him, so he called 911 to to report he was being followed. Of course, once Bragg met up with the cops he was arrested and charged with robbery and theft.

Oh, and the Alliance police department kindly put the 911 call from Bragg on the internet for your pleasure, so do head over and listen to it.

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