Armored Charmers Not Too Tough



Armored Charmers have cool T-shirts, too.
  • Armored Charmers have cool T-shirts, too.

A recent snowy Friday (is there any other kind in Cleveland?) found me at the Pop Shop and (art)ificial gallery in Lakewood, interviewing the three artists behind the Armored Charmers exhibition going up on Saturday, February 12.

The Get Out! column in the February 9 edition will have the skinny on the collaborative show and the artists. We used a photo of one of their collaborative pieces in the preview, but we also had this cool picture of the threesome that I wanted to share. (That's Steve Knerem on the left, Bob Peck in the middle, and Sorin Gabor on the right.) Talented artists, good guys, and cool T-shirts, too!

For more info on the show, go to You'll find them at 17020 Madison Ave. in Lakewood.

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