Man Instructs His Beagle to Attack Police


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Your friendly and brave local police face any number of dangers on a daily basis. The constant threat of the unknown hangs over every traffic stop, investigation, arrest, or crime scene. Suspects could have guns, they could be violent, they could be on drugs, or they could have vicious dogs like pit bulls ready to attack and defend,

Of course, there are also beagles.

A Norwalk man has been indicted for assaulting a police officer after he allegedly set his dog loose on a Huron Sheriff's deputy, which led the Sandusky Register to write the best sentence we've seen in a crime-related news piece all morning.

Sheriff's deputies responded to an argument between Freeman and his wife, Cheryl, 25, at a home in the 26000 block of Ohio 13 in Greenwich after he allegedly smashed her car window. A fight over the custody of their children followed, and Ronnie's mother, Dinah Freeman, then 49, began to argue loudly with deputies, according to reports.

As police arrested Dinah, Ronnie let go of a beagle he was holding on a leash and shouted, "Sic 'em, Ginger!"

The dog jumped onto Deputy Bill Duncan and bit his leg.

The only way that could have been better was if the dog was a chihuahua named "Buttercup."


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