Nancy Smith To Stay Free While Lawyers Argue




Nancy Smith — the former Head Start bus driver tried and convicted of molesting a gaggle of Lorain kids under her care in the late 90s, a conviction later overturned in 2009, which in turn was rejected by the Ohio Supreme County last month — will not have to go back to jail for now.

According to the Morning Journal, Judge James Burge — the robe who originally tossed the conviction in 2009 — ruled this morning that Smith would remain free while the Ohio Supreme Court considers motions filed Monday.

There was some concern that the woman would be sent directly to jail, no passing Go, after the high court’s ruling. Today the scene at the courthouse was weepy, reportedly. The paper has a video of Smith speaking before the press crunch about the ordeal.

Joseph Allen, the second defendant in the case, was not in court today.

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