NFL Players Think Cleveland Browns Stadium Sucks




Not the stadium as a whole, just the field, which, for their purposes, is really the only thing that freaking matters.

The NFL Players Association surveyed the guys in helmets and among natural playing surfaces, Cleveland Browns Stadium ranked 16th out of the 18 stadiums. It even fell lower in regard than the field in Pittsburgh, which is notorious for being just a few levels above that cement-ridden "park" at the end of your street where junkies drop their used needles and Ben Roethlisberger takes his dates.

Via SB Nation Cleveland:

University of Phoenix Stadium(Arizona Cardinals) was tops on the list, followed by the Raymond James Stadium(Tampa Bay Buccaneers). Only Soldier Field(Chicago Bears) and the Oakland Coliseum(Oakland Raiders) were ranked lower than Cleveland.

Lambeau Field, home of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers came in 5th among natural grass stadiums.

As for the rest of the AFC North, Heinz Field(Pittsburgh Steelers) was ranked 15th. M&T Bank Stadium was 9th on the list of stadiums with an artificial surface, while Paul Brown Stadium(Cincinnati Bengals) came in 11th.

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