Richmond Heights Basketball Coach Accused of Racist Language (Updated)




Updated: The district has removed Jason Popp from his head coaching position. He will keep his teaching job, however. (WOIO)


Players on the Richmond Heights varsity basketball team and their parents are livid over (white) head coach Jason Popp's alleged racist language and verbal abuse. The team is 15-0 at the moment, but seven players are threatening to boycott tonight's game if Popp is not removed from his position.

The concerns were addressed in a letter to the Superintendent of the school district and in a board meeting. No decision has been made by the district.

Among the accusations:

— Before a game against Cardinal, Coach Popp told his players that the other team expected them "to play like niggers, which you are."

— When a player asked to be excused from an extended practice because it was his grandmother's birthday, Popp said he didn't give "two fucks" about the kid's grandmother.

— Popp allegedly told a group of players that one boy's father was "a drunk, and the apartment he lives in is probably government housing."

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