Drunk Woman Pulls Herself Over for DUI



Things can get hazy when you're driving under the influence. Dulled senses are further confused with nervousness, impaired vision, and the constant paranoia that something is going to go wrong.

Take Nicole Scott, for instance. She was driving home, focusing on the road, when she thought she saw police lights behind her. Crap. So she pulled over to the side of the road.

Two problems here: First, the lights she saw were not from a police car but from the flashing lights of the Skate World sign on the street. Second, when she pulled her car over, she got the Dodge Avenger stuck in a snow bank.

The Sandusky Register has further hilarious details on Scott's misadventure.

A passerby stopped to see if the woman needed help and called police after noticing she seemed intoxicated, according to a Perkins Township police report.

When officers did arrive, they found Nicole Scott, 27, of the 1100 block McKinley St., sitting alone in her car.

She denied being the driver of the vehicle and said her friend Ray had been driving, but he ran off.

Scott refused a sobriety test because she insisted she was not the driver. She proceeded to tell police her friend Samantha had been driving, and later that her friend Courtney had been driving. Finally she said her friend Brittany had been driving, according to police.

Coppers found a bottle of Michelob Ultra in the car and noticed there were only one set of footprints in the snow around the vehicle, so she was promptly arrested on suspicion of DUI.

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