Grandparents Kept Kid Locked in Bathroom for 6 years


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Two Dayton-area parents are officially our Shitheads of the Week after police say they kept their granddaughter locked in a bathroom for six years.

Brian Hart, 52, and Rivae Hart, 49, were the girls' legal guardians. Unfortunately. They're now charged with kidnapping and child endangerment because the little girl was barricaded in a bathroom (with a cot), whenever she wasn't in school. It was at school that the girl told a counselor about her situation. Authorities were then contacted for an investigation.

Why did the grandparents lock her up? Behavioral problems, they claim. Sure. Police say the girl is completely normal and the duo are just a pair of deranged lunatics. During chats with cops, the Harts relayed details that matched the girls story. They would occasionally let her out of the bathroom on when relatives visited, but reports pinpoint the last such vacation from the confines of the bathroom at Christmas 2007.

The Dayton Daily News reports:

Four children lived at the family’s apartment at 4825 Hassan Circle, including the victim, her brother, and the Harts’ two biological sons, who are 12 and 14, Stevens said. All of those children are in foster care, she said.

The girl told a school nurse about her captivity, and the nurse contacted children services, Tolpin said.

Stevens said children services opened a case on Jan. 18. She said the girl was singled out for the treatment.

Tolpin said the girl was locked in a bathroom, barricaded behind two dressers, from the time she came up from school until the time she left again the next morning.

“Meals were inconsistent at best and basically the living conditions were deplorable,” Tolpin said.

The girl slept on a fold-up cot with a blanket but no pillow, Tolpin said.

Hopefully the Harts will be spending some time in a lockup of their own soon.


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