George Clooney Is Here! George Clooney Is Here!




If the women of Ohio seem a little flushed today, a little out of breath, a little more distant, it's because George Clooney is in the Buckeye State. So strong is the magnetic pull of his rugged handsomeness.

He's down in Cincinnati filming and scouting locations for his new movie, "Ides of March," a film about a presidential staffer who gets the lowdown on the underbelly of politics.

NewsNet5 has the stirring details on the star:

Actor George Clooney made a big impression in southwest Ohio on Thursday as he continues filming his new movie, "Ides of March."

Much of the preparation and shooting centered around the Ace Hardware and Electric Store in Northside. The store is displaying a campaign poster with an artist's rendering of Clooney's face. The movie, which is directed by Clooney, features him as a Democratic governor campaigning for president.

Clooney walked in front of and inside the hardware store and crossed the street to check on camera angles and shots. The movie star was wearing a black coat with a blue Xavier University baseball cap.

Cincinnati police were on hand to keep traffic moving as dozens of Clooney fans and well-wishes gathered.

With any luck we'll be able to tell you what Clooney was wearing in front of Pet Smart tomorrow.

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