Pic of the Day: Die With Dignity Billboard


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Driving down I-77, minding your own business, drinking coffee on the way to work? Probably not the time when you want to think of assisted suicide and end-of-life issues, but a new billboard is stoking such flames and its fair share of controversy.

WKYC reports on the group behind the "Die With Dignity" billboard:

The site says it's for a group that counsels patients facing certain death. It professes not to offer hands-on help in assisted suicides but it asserts a right to "death with dignity."

The website says the group will offer despondent terminally ill patients information about a particular way to take one's own life.

Group president Jerry Dincin would not give specifics in a phone interview. But a previous newspaper story says the method is suffocation by donning an airtight hood and inhaling helium pumped through a tube.

Dincin says the group has 3,000 members nationwide. There are members in Ohio but no state chapter, he said.

Group members can be present at a person's death but will not "actively assist," he said.

Well, that sounds like a lovely way to go.

As you can imagine, people who work by and drive by the billboard are not thrilled, as are suicide prevention groups and lots of other folks.


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