Local Crafts Coming to Lakewood




“People want to know that when they buy something, they’ll have a connection to it. There’s something to be said when they can tell a story about the person behind a vendor,” said business owner Joanna Orgovan. With her husband Matthew and partner Chris Sorensen, Joanna hopes to connect buyers and sellers at their new shop, Crafty Goodness, opening March 5 in Lakewood.

The shop will sell only goods produced in seven counties of Northeast Ohio. Shelves will be stocked with pottery, clothing, jewelry, baby items, toys, kitchen wares, soaps, and even makeup, all by local artisans. (Her farmers’ market customers never believe Joanna when she tells them her liquid eyeliner is homemade.) The walls will feature paintings and mixed-media art, also from Erie Coast creators.

To illustrate their commitment to locality, Crafty Goodness will display a map of NE Ohio labeled with the workshops of their artisans, allowing customers to literally pinpoint the origin of their products.

The trio also hope to inspire patrons to consume even more locally—specifically, in their own kitchens and garages—by teaching a series of “make it and take it” classes on soap-making, painting, knitting, and mosaics.

Crafty Goodness opens its doors 9:00 a.m. March 5, at 15621 Madison Ave. in Lakewood. For more info, call 216-226-4880 or craftygoodnesscleveland@yahoo.com. — Joseph Clark

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