Man Punches Woman at Chuck E Cheese


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Stuff gets real at Chuck E Cheese, if you didn't know. It's not the venue for screwing around. There are tickets to be won, prizes to be claimed, kids to keep in check, pizza to be slammed, and moles to be whacked. Tempers can get heated in such a tension-packed environment.

But nothing, not even a rimmed out jumper on pop-a-shot or the big plush monkey falling from the claw's grip just before you can win, should incite violence at Chuck E Cheese, that hallowed place of all that is good and fun.

You especially shouldn't punch a woman for cutting in front of you line.

19 Action News reports:

According to Jackson Township Police, the victim said she argued with another woman in line about line jumping. The woman then called McDaniel to come to the restaurant.

Once on scene, McDaniel reportedly grabbed the other woman and punched her in the face. He then fled the scene,

McDaniel was later caught during a traffic stop. He pled not guilty to assault charges Thursday in Massillon Municipal Court.

No word on if he had to relinquish any tickets won during his time at Chuck E Cheese.


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