Teacher Stored Naked Photos Of Himself On School iPad




It's all well and good if you want to send naked pictures to your wife with sexy little messages. Whatever keeps the spark alive, man. But you have to be careful where you store the pictures. There's plenty of people out there — notably, everyone except your wife and maybe including your wife — who has no interest in a high-res photo of your junk.

Among the many tactics you should avoid when sexting your staff is storing the pic on an iPad owned by the school where you teach. That's just common sense. Because there's a solid chance some young student is going to come across your mast and... well... that's not good for anybody.

NewsNet5 has the story of an Ohio teacher who made just such a mistake.

Parent Stephanie Lunceford said her 11-year-old daughter switched on the device at Groveport Madison Middle School South, near Columbus, on Friday and saw a photo of the teacher with his private parts exposed and a message apparently meant for his wife.

Lunceford tells WBNS-TV four other students also saw the picture. She says her daughter, a sixth grader, felt "completely, completely humiliated."

The teacher has not been identified yet but an investigation is ongoing. And we're pretty sure his wife thinks the photo isn't so sexy anymore.

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