Thieves Rob KFC Freezer




Who are we to judge what thieves target? Some target jewels, cash, valuables, scrap metal, and anything that can be quickly turned into dough. Others steal out necessity. Still others steal for food. Specifically chicken. More specifically, the colonel's recipe.

The Ashtabula Star Beacon reports that thieves broke into a Kentucky Fried Chicken and looted the freezer, leading to some obviously hilarious crime reporting. For example:

No one is certain how much chicken and biscuits the thieves took with them, Police Chief Dan Dudik said.

Restaurant owner Adelio DiFranco said he took an inventory of the freezer contents Wednesday afternoon.

“I can tell you that, yes, some things were taken,” he said. “I don’t want to get into the specifics at this time, but some product is missing.”

DiFranco said the frozen food can be cooked and eaten without much trouble “but it sure won’t taste like we make it here.”

It will taste... better?


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