Husband Slips Ecstasy Into Wife's Dinner




Who knows what would drive a man to slip some Ecstasy into his wife's food. Maybe he thought she'd be more fun high. Maybe he thought it would kick up her sex drive. Maybe he wanted to have a dance party later in the night. Whatever the case, 44-year-old Anthony Colapietro has some explaining to do.

The Medina Gazette reports that Colapietro has been charged with contamination of a substance for human consumption after cops say he doctored up her dinner with some Love Drug.

Colapietro’s wife called authorities at 10:16 p.m. Wednesday because she believed her husband put something in her dinner that made her sick, according to the sheriff’s report.

Colapietro allegedly did not tell her what it was, but when questioned by deputies, he said he thought it was Ecstasy, the report says.

We're just guessing here, but that's probably not the outcome he was looking for.

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